A group of Microsoft Student Partners

Lead the next generation of tech innovators

Become a Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft Student Partners are on-campus student leaders with a passion for sharing technology with their classmates. Gain leadership experiences, get access to resources and develop your technical and career skills. You might find yourself leading a hackathon, mentoring computer science students, or unlocking the next great idea with your team – it’s all up to you.

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Microsoft Student Partners have a passion for technology and a desire to learn and explore. Expand your knowledge of the technologies that excite you from peers, experts, or on your own through videos and self paced learning materials.

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Microsoft Student Partners want to share what they learn with their fellow students. Write a tutorial or host a workshop to help others understand how the latest API or coding feature allows them to build more powerful solutions.

A group of Microsoft Student Partners


The Microsoft Student Partner Program is a community of university students around the world with an interest in technology. Coding is our shared common language. Find a world of coders with a shared passion to go beyond the classroom and do more.